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Prevent the use of TR-069 ...

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Anmeldedatum: 05.05.2006
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BeitragVerfasst am: 09.04.2018, 06:31    Titel: Prevent the use of TR-069 ... Antworten mit Zitat

Hi Forum.

A VHPready gateway needs an update feature so that the software in the gateway can be kept up to date and any weak points can be eliminated. The update capability is part of VHPready 4.0-Secuirty.

I think we should use the VHPready specifications to make sure for safety reasons that there is no case of using a TR-069-based solution. The TR-069 is currently the most widely used device management solution in the world, see also:

The TR-069 is completely missing the "Security-by-Design" idea. A recommended transport encryption via SSL / TLS as the only security component is no longer sufficient from today's point of view. It also no longer corresponds to the state of the art to recommend the use of TLS 1.2 only, but not to demand the use (HTTP Basic Authentication via the Internet with factory-set username / password is actually not a real security building block). In this respect, the TR-069 specifications are no longer up-to-date and the TR-069 use in virtual power plants actually not responsible.

The TR-069 IT security weaknesses in November 2016 were also the cause of the successful hacker attack on tens of thousands of Telekom routers. These routers were integrated into a botnet by unauthorized RCE (Remote Code Execution) by the attacker to attack other servers on the Internet (Mirai attack on countless home routers).

At you can find a video and the slides for a lecture by Shahar Tal (I Hunt TR-069 Admins: Pwning ISPs Like a Boss), which was a part of the DEF CON22 in 2014.

Regards KDW
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