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IGW/100 capabilities

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Anmeldedatum: 15.09.2006
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BeitragVerfasst am: 15.09.2006, 09:38    Titel: IGW/100 capabilities Antworten mit Zitat

Hello forum...

I work for a machinery company. We are often facing a problem when asked to connect our PC-based equipment to the customer's LAN. I would like to find out a device that only expose some ip services to the Customer LAN (e.g VNC server, drive shares), insulating all other devices our machine have from the surrounding network.

I stumbled in the IGW/100 which looks to have the possibility
I would like to know if the IGW/100 can be used in this way:

a) Port 1 connected to a LAN dhcp-enabled (e.g.,, or whatsoever) or -in lack of a dhcp server- configured with a fixed IP.
b) Port 2 connected to a PC (fixed IP, e.g with cross cable or switch in case of other devices connected.
c) Port 3 connected to a 10/100 switch (other 2-4 clients with fixed IP e.g. 192.168.15.[Wort gesperrt]), same netmask as the Port 2.

Desidered behaviour:

1. I want the PC connected to the Port 1 to be able connecting to the switch clients with its own ip address .
2. I want the PC to be able to be "seen" from the LAN and connect to the LAN with some specific services (VNC, samba shares...). (NAT?- firewall?)
3. I want the other clients connected to the port 3 through the switch to be insulated from the LAN (e.g. forward only to port 2).

Other (welcome) features:
1. Configuration of Port 1 (DHCP-fixed) done through password-protected web page.
2. Configuration of port 2 (IP address to forward/NAT to the LAN and forward to port 3.
3. If case we insert a switch before Port 2, (e.g. add another PC), NAT of all devices connected to Port 2.

If the IGW/100 is capable of that, how much software development effort is required?

Thanks in advance for any reply.

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